Important Considerations for Driveway Pavers

Driveway pavers are in demand in today’s world along with concrete or asphalt surfacing. Driveway pavers were initially made with bricks and concrete pavers which are now modified to interlocking stone pavers. Considering the material needed to build your driveway pavers is essential. Pavers may look good but should be strong enough to handle the traffic that will be driven on them. Your budget should be your first and foremost consideration when selecting any driveway pavers. As per budget these pavers can be made more attractive and strong with the best material available. Apart from budget requirements there are many other things to consider such as the material, maintenance, climate, drainage, size, selection and the aesthetics.

Driveway Maintenance – Water can damage the driveway pavers so it is necessary to cover the driveway with a protective coating once every two years. Staining is avoided and cleaning becomes simpler.

Climate conditions – While building driveway pavers it is required to consider the climate and the change of seasons. Water can create gaps or small holes in between the bricks. Interlocking pavers may expand and get damaged due to freezing of the ground during winters or summers. These require regular maintenance. Suitable soil should be used as a base before placing the interlocking bricks to keep them strong and stable.

Size – The size and shape of bricks used may vary and require different precautions to be taken. No matter where these driveway pavers are to be placed, their size is to be considered. The number of vehicles at your garage or on the driveway may also determine the size of pavers. Double width driveways can be at least 24 feet which allows 12 feet per vehicle. The length normally has to be 18 feet per vehicle. Taking the size into consideration will help you to arrange a strong and functional driveway.

Drainage – Drainage systems are necessary for any driveway to make the water flow off and keep the road clean. Driveway drainage is normally determined by the installer on the basis of the slope made to help water flow away from house into a drainage pipe or pit. Improper slope will result in water going in the wrong direction.

Aesthetics – Aesthetics are the way your driveway pavers look. It all depends on the color to be used, pattern, type of pavers and much more. Aesthetics are important but only after you make sure these driveways are made strong. People see your driveway before they see anything inside your house so you should do as much as possible to ensure it is pleasing to the eye.

Material selection – The material to be selected for driveway pavers is more important than any other consideration as the entire construction process depends on the material. Concrete pavers or brick pavers should be selected as per requirements. Concrete pavers may last for 20 years whereas brick pavers may last for 25 years or more.

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